Alan and Martin

Alan & Martin Country Western are a songwriting team and band from Salida, Colorado. They have a 12 song original CD, “Only Boys Back Then”,  released August 4,  2012.

Alan Pursell began playing and singing as a solo act around Salida, Colorado, not long after he moved there some 10 years ago. His honest, and direct approach at Classic Country Western Music drew him a following immediately. His rich, country voice evokes George Strait and Dwight Yoakam. Through their mutual friend and drummer, Dan Shuford, Martin Epp began playing bass with them and Alan Pursell and The Pale Riders were born. Already performing a few original tunes, Alan and Martin decided in 2011 to combine their songwriting skills and the team of Alan & Martin was formed. They are currently in production of their first, 12 song offering to be released this summer of 2012. They continue to perform to packed venues with the crack team of Bruce Hayes and George Mossman on guitars and drums respectively filling out the group. Their set list includes as many originals as cover tunes and they pack the dance floors with both, with fans singing along.