Bluegrass on the Arkansas

Bluegrass in Salida Colorado – Memorial Day Weekend

Near the headwaters of the Arkansas river in Salida, Colorado, you will find a delightful venue for your holiday weekend and an opportunity to enjoy bluegrass music, food, drink, and fun for all ages.

Bluegrass on the Arkansas, and annual fund raiser for the Salida Rotary club, will be back Memorial Day Weekend this year. Our thanks go out to everyone who helped make the 2017 show a success!!

As usual, bands will perform Saturday evening starting at 5:00 pm in the Riverside Park and then on Sunday starting at noon in Riverside Park.

This is a free event that our community enjoys every year and that draws visitors to Salida. In addition to the line up of bluegrass bands, volunteers from the Rotary Club, a variety of food, and games available for kids, making this a fun day for families.

The Salida Rotary Club serves food and drinks as a fund raiser to help the youth of our community in the form of vocational and scholastic scholarships.

Of course, a selection of beer, wine and sodas are available for sale for everyones refreshment needs.

Admission to  Bluegrass on the Arkansas is FREE. Your donations are encouraged in support of the Salida Rotary Club’s scholarship fund.


RAPIDGRASS – When a snowflake falls it melts to stream, and eventually meets the creek. The creek then pours down though the canyon and the rapids begin to speak.

The celebration of mountains and whitewater rapids is the inspiration for everything Rapidgrass. The music is original mountain music influenced by an active, outdoor lifestyle. Brought together through music and love for mountains, they define modern, acoustic, Colorado mountain music.

The lineup includes Colorado native and pro skier Mark Morris (guitar, vocals); Coleman Smith (violin, mandolin, vocals); Carl Minorkey (upright bass, tenor banjo, vocals); and Alex Johnstone (mandolin, fiddle, vocals). Adjunct players include Billy Cardine (dobro, vocals, recording producer) and Kyle Hauser (banjo, vocals). This front range Colorado ensemble uses classical, gypsy, bluegrass, pop, swing, and other world rhythms to create what is, and can only be described of as, Rapidgrass.

Rapidgrass Music Festival and Rapidgrass the ensemble were twins born of the desire to celebrate the rapids of Clear Creek and the mountains of Idaho Springs through mountain music, each complementing the other. The band released their first CD, RAPIDGRASS QUINTET, in 2013 and was voted as one ofthe top 5 albums by the Mountain Arts Culture Colorado. In 2015 they then released CROOKED ROAD and went on to win the prestigious ROCKYGRASS band contest that same year. Rapidgrass is currently producing their 3rd album, HAPPY TRAILS, which is due to be released at the eighth annual Rapidgrass Music Festival this June 23-25. Rapidgrass has had the pleasure of bringing mountain music throughout Colorado, Alaska, the lower 48, and the European Alps. The band is eager to kick off their 2017 music endeavors.

Songs of the Fall

Songs of the Fall is a Colorado based Americana band featuring 5 time Grammy nominee Cia Cherryholmes on banjo and vocals and Stetson Adkisson on guitar and vocals. They have been described as a meeting of celtic, delta blues, and bluegrass and referred to as the American version of the Swell Season. Sonically ranging from driving and gritty Americana performed by a full band to beautiful ballads sung by Cherryholmes and Adkisson as a duo.

“Songs of the Fall is country, bluegrass, and rock music that moves the spirit and reveals a first hand openness. There are lyrics that stir the lifeblood of their song’s subjects, bringing a new generation’s observations, driving rhythms of guitar and bluegrass banjo that makes me want to jig it up and throw it down, and then vocals that are so undeniably effective and bold with their core rooted deep in country music’s soul” -Mark O’Connor.

They began touring in 2011 under the name Stetson & Cia, playing Americana, folk, and bluegrass events. In 2012, they officially changed their band name and teamed up with Grammy award winning producer Paul Ebersold to record their self-titled debut album and have toured and performed in Europe and the U.S. over the years with Sarah Jarosz, Mark O’Conner, David Crowder, Marty Stuart, & Sturgill Simpson to name a few.

2016 brought the arrival of the newest member of the group, their daughter Avery, who tours with them now as well and will be a world traveler before the age of 1. 2017 brings the release of a brand new album and the “Confessions” tour which will take them all over the U.S. and Europe.

“People have asked, why the name Songs of the Fall? The way we see it, the story of mankind is all about falling. We fall in and out of love, on hard times, into temptation- Life is about the fall and how we keep learning and growing, and those are the things worth singing about. ”- Stetson

Cia Cherryholmes began playing music at a young age and was the lead vocalist, composer, and banjo player for the internationally acclaimed band Cherryholmes. .

Stetson and Cia live in the high mountains of Colorado in Pagosa Springs and enjoy a life in the great outdoors when not on the road.